Year 8 Season 3 Mid-Season Reinforcements Here’s the shortlist of changes to Rainbow Six Siege with today’s update. FROSTOperators who fall onto a Welcome Mat will be able to remove it from their leg by themselves or with the help of a teammate. Operators who fall onto a Welcome Mat are considered downed. R6 allows […]

Coconut Brah Tricks Video September 2023

Whether you’re fan of Coconut Brah or not, the tricks he shares usually become meta within weeks. Watch the video below to check out some crazy new Ram Tricks, a few brand new spawnkills on ThemePark and Outback, and some game breaking new angles to get kills from. Better Yet, ignore the video completely and […]

Siege Update 9/12/2023

What’s included in the new siege update today? Well we’ll get into that but I can nearly guarantee what’s not going to get fixed. Ok, so now that we got that out of way, let’s talk about what actually got fixed today. Nothing really just patching glitches that they should’ve fixed before releasing the new […]

Rainbow Six Siege Ranked Update 9-6-2023

Rainbow Six Siege Ranked Update If you’ve been enjoying the new season of siege, you’re probably well aware that the Ranked system is broken. Well here’s an update directly from the source. The only thing left to find out is whether we’ll actually get our ranks on the 12th. The good news is they’re going […]